How It Works: Cash for Keys

We Buy Houses for Cash in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1
Call our local office at 510-519-8186 or send us your property and contact info through the form on this page.


Step 2
Our staff will contact you
to learn more about your property and answer any questions you may have about selling your house.


Step 3
We will set an appointment
to meet with you and provide you a FAIR CASH OFFER for your house.*  We can also provide you a price range by phone or email.


Step 4
Once you accept your fair cash offer and decide the closing and move-out dates, we’ll arrange a fast, hassle free closing without any sales commissions, repair fees, or other fees. You will most likely have your money within seven days.**

*What’s my all cash offer going to be? 

Your offer amount primarily depends on how much rehabilitation your house needs in order to be sellable to a new homeowner, as well as what it can sell for after repairs, given current real estate market conditions.

If your house needs repairs and upgrades to pass city, county, and state building code inspections, that costs money. Our licensed, insured General Contractors fix all issues inside, outside, under, and over your house. These costs are reflected in your all-cash offer.

Last but not least, we buy, repair, remodel, and sell homes for a living to help sellers get out of a pickle quickly with cash in hand; feed our families; and raise funds to help people with chronic illnesses heal faster, self improvement programs that work, wildlife and environment protection, and animal causes.

**How soon do I receive my cash?

This depends on how fast our team can inspect your house, provide you a fair offer, and process your paperwork. This can also depend on the local title company and city inspectors, how desirable your property is.

Is your lot large? Does it have privacy?  Is it buildable lot or are there many steep hills which cost more to build on or aren’t usable space at all?

Does your house need $100-200,000 in repairs and updates to get it HGTV-ready and up to the latest state, county, fire, and city building codes?  City planning department design review times of 2 years are challenging (ie Palo Alto and Woodside), but great location and distance to work, great schools, and amenities (most of Silicon Valley and SF/Oakland metros) are helpful.

Many times the entire process takes no more than 7 to 30 days.