Shark Fin Mission & Team


Alix M.

Shark Fin is committed to helping homeowners resolve real estate challenges, and with a portion of our net profits, to assist people suffering from chronic illnesses, specifically Lyme Disease (and mold, and other co-infections) across the United States.

Chronic Lyme is a living death… –Alix M. (Source: Bay Area Lyme Foundation)

We have “adopted” two Lyme patients so far as of 2020, paying for portions of their medical care, and also donate to local and national Lyme research & treatment organizations.

Our long-term goal is support existing holistic health & healing centers in Mexico/Cyprus and ideally within US borders to help infected Americans bypass the 72% Lyme misdiagnosis rate in the US, as well as our costly, often ineffective US sick-care system. Western medicine is great for acute issues (and any drug you can think of), but doesn’t address chronic issues effectively or quickly. Eastern medicine is excellent for addressing chronic health issues. Every year we consider supporting patients with other chronic illnesses.

Although the situation is improving as of 2020-21, medical treatment changes have been too slow and at least 1-2 million additional Americans are suffering each year for nothing… when they could be contributing to society and living healthy lives.

But that’s not all! What about sharks, sea life, wild animals, domestic pets, and others?

We also fund our original causes: sea life and wildlife protection, dog/cat/rabbit shelters, local food banks, and self improvement programs.

Team Bios


A Silicon Valley tech veteran who has been passionate about real estate ventures since 2000, Alvin spends most of his time raising two children in the Sacramento region. Alvin helps us with our technology platforms.


Originally hailing from Texas, Jose has lived in SoCal for years and is familiar with both automotive and real estate industries. In his spare time Jose loves creating music. Getting a call from Jose could be music to your ears! Very customer service focused, Jose has a passion for helping people meet their goals and needs through seamless real estate transactions.


Ken started Shark Fin in order to help save sharks – people kill 100,000,000 (100 Million) sharks per year globally. Don’t feel bad–we didn’t know either until 2018. Sharks kill up to 4 (four) people a year at most, usually. We still fund ocean conservation charities and wildlife, animal shelter, and self-improvement programs, but as of 2019 we have a new primary focus: helping people with chronic diseases (primarily Lyme Disease) heal faster. Ken’s experience working for the largest Silicon Valley tech companies helps us both with networking and the real estate tech layer, while his small business background helps with overall sales and operations.


Lula was a giant tech company massage therapist, providing therapy for hundreds of social media engineers, marketers, data analysts, and so on. She brings this level of empathy and care to our homeowner clients.