Shark Fin Mission + Team Bios


Alix M.

Shark Fin is committed to resolving the unconscionably poor state of Persistent Lyme Disease and Mold diagnosis and treatment in the United States. Our primary goal is opening a holistic health and wellness healing center in Mexico to bypass the 72% misdiagnosis rate and extremely costly, ineffective western medical care system in the US. Although the situation is improving each year (and accelerating), change has been too slow and at least 1-2 million Americans are suffering for nothing.

Chronic Lyme is a living death… -Alix M.

We also fund our original causes: ocean and wildlife protection, animal shelters, and humanitarian causes: self improvement programs and food banks.

Team Bios


Don has been working in real estate for about a year now and loves helping people! He’s adept at finding the right houses based on wrong addresses.


Ken started Shark Fin in order to help save sharks – we kill 100,000,000 (100 Million) sharks per year globally. Don’t feel bad–we didn’t know either until 2018. Sharks kill up to 4 (four) people a year at most. We still fund ocean conservation charities and wildlife, animal shelter, and self-improvement programs, but as of 2019 we have a new primary focus: helping people with chronic diseases (such as Lyme Disease) heal faster.


Kim grew up in a family of general contractors. She knows the business inside and out – from remodels to ground up construction.

Lilia & Terry

Lilia and Terry are real estate go-getters with a passion for helping ex military men, women, and families back back on their feet. Terry is a highly disciplined cold caller and military recruiter. Lilia will have you laughing your head off before you know what happened. (Actually they both will.)


Lula was a giant tech company massage therapist, providing therapy for hundreds of social media engineers, marketers, data analysts, and so on. She brings this level of empathy and care to our homeowner clients.


Max is an all around Renaissance man who has spent years in Japanese temples as a monk, worked on bay area farms, and travelled the world. He’s straight and to the point.