A few before and after photos from our recent projects around the SF Bay Area.

Sunnyvale Remodel, Summer 2019
Old, outdated living room
Old, outdated living room, Sunnyvale
New, updated living room, Sunnyvale
New, updated living room, Sunnyvale
Union City vacant, gutted rental
Union City vacant rental: Before
Union City vacant rental: After, 2019. Sold!
Union City hoarder house
Union City hoarder house: Before, 2019. Remodel in progress.
Union City clean house: After, 2020. Sold!
Cambrian (West San Jose) house before remodel, Sept 4th, 2020. Seller’s move out day / COE.
Cambrian (West San Jose) house after remodel, final work day, October 23rd, 2020

Milpitas, California – March 2021, Before Remodel
Milpitas after, 2021

Redwood City – June 2021, Before Remodel
Redwood City Cars – June 2021, Before Restoration
San Jose, 2021 before remodel
San Jose, 2022 after remodel
Cupertino, Summer 2022
Daly City, Summer 2022
Daly City, Winter 2023