Why Shark Fin?

We chose this name because facing real estate financial issues can be scary – just like sharks are if you’re not educated about them.

You’re not alone. Many Americans face these issues every day. Just remember that nothing lasts forever. Change is constant, so focus on what’s great in your life!

We’re here to help you through rough seas. Shark Fin dispatches an Investor “Seal Team” to find out more about your housing (or land or commercial building) situation. We go to bat for you so you no longer have to deal with banks, the IRS, and whoever else is raining on your parade.

After we chat with you about your FSBO home, tax liens, divorce, job loss, impending foreclosure, estate sale, costly house repairs, or whatever challenge you face – we provide you with financial and legal options which work for all parties.

Ideally, in pre-foreclosure situations, our foreclosure specialist associates can help you keep your home and school district with minimal disruption so you can suit up and go out to fight another day. (Most likely for a fee; “results may vary.”)

In most cases, we present you our best all-cash offer.

In exchange for providing value to you by getting you out of hot water, we relieve you of your mortgage responsibilities and provide you with enough cash to get re-established and land on your feet.

That’s not so scary, is it? Our team has teeth and we move fast.



Back to the Name. Why Shark Fin?

A shark fin is flexible, helping the shark stay on course and move fast. This describes our company: we are nimble, fast, and direct.

We love nature, the ocean, and sharks. We plan to adopt 100 sharks per year globally – helping research scientists track and monitor them. We also plan to fund shark shield technologies for surfers, snorkelers, and swimmers.

Our name raises awareness of the properties of a shark’s fin. Fins are made of cartilage, just like your nose, ears, and vertebral discs. Shark fins are also extremely high in mercury and toxic metals — which means that these fins belong on sharks, not on our dinner plates or in tuna nets. Enough said. 🙂

*Thanks to Zinzin and Igor International for providing their brand name development guides for free online to the world. We’ve been studying these guides for years.


Shark Fin Properties fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

Values & Mission:

We strongly support financial and real estate literacy, responsibility, and opportunity for all US citizens and permanent residents. We also fully support shark and other wildlife conservation efforts at sea and on land.

Almost all the photos on this page link to relevant shark conservation pages, and are mostly copyright by the person linked to, particularly on Instagram.