How to create an AirBNB room in your house

AirBNB as you know is a home sharing website and mobile phone app which allows you to set up or book a fairly instant Bed ‘N Breakfast.

Your “AirBNB listing” can be…

  • a cave
  • a van, RV, or camping trailer
  • double wide mobile home
  • live/work loft
  • condo complex*
  • townhouse*
  • apartment**
  • single family residence of any size
  • a yurt or tent

As you can imagine, AirBNBs are set up quickly and easily!

  • Any housing type
  • Any location
  • Any climate.

All you have to do is… visit

Beyond that, the essential steps generally include:

  1. Sign up for an AirBNB account
  2. Click on “Switch to Hosting” in the main menu
  3. Add your first house rental listing
  4. Take photos of your furnished, clean AirBNB and upload them to your listing
  5. Add descriptions, available amenities, and house rules to your AirBNB listing
  6. Add your bank account and tax ID information
  7. Set your schedule – when you will make your house rentable on AirBNB
  8. Create a short “FAQ” (list of Q&A that most guests will ask you for: how to access and enter your house, wifi password, when to check in/out, emergency contact info, etc)

Before following the 8 steps above, you’ll want to verify your city’s and county’s AirBNB rental restrictions and rules and tax/fee requirements, if any. Simply Google “AirBNB regulations for my_city_here” or check with other local AirBNB hosts!

*You must check your Condo and Townhouse HOA rules and regulations regarding AirBNB rentals.

**Same for apartments, but that hasn’t stopped many people.