We are in the business of helping people solve housing problems. Here are some testimonials from our real, cherished customers:

“You guys have been really wonderful and doing with the house what we always imagined people would do… fixing it up after our family lived in it for over 50 years and making it beautiful for the next family to enjoy. You have been really kind as well, thank you.”

-Diane, Santa Clara (probate sale, 2021)

“It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!”

-Tim, San Jose (exited foreclosure September 2020)

It was a relief really, that house was a burden for me. It was just too much for me to handle.

The realtor I was dealing with helped me, pushed me to keep the house. The harder she pushed, the more I wanted to get rid of it. And when the longterm renters left they left quite a mess!

Since I moved out of state, I got tired of dealing with California. Taxes every year. They had me pay a license in Union City to rent property and they let me go 4 years then sent me a letter asking for the past four years plus penalties.  I had to explain to them they never sent me anything and they said “ignorance is no excuse.” Which is true you know, it’s another hassle.

I’m glad you guys bought the house and I’ve been happy ever since.  Filing that extra income tax, insurance for the house, it seemed like it never ends. 

So now I don’t have those responsibilities and I’m happy. I made a fortune selling that house.

You guys have a happy customer! 

Nate & Gloria, home sellers (2019)

From yet another satisfied client:

Adam, Bobby, Ken, and Max were a delight to work with. You guys delivered a home run fixer-upper that my team turned around quickly, easily, and profitably. Thanks again.

Niko T., residential redeveloper (2020)