Supporting Charities

Have you wanted to give more to causes you care about, but are frustrated that a large portion of your wealth is currently tied up in your primary bay area residence?

Do you want to give back and contribute to your city, neighborhood, a human, animal, or environmental cause, or a charity when you sell your bay area house?  When people like you sell their houses to Shark Fin, we already donate to numerous nonprofits and charities (see below) – but we can also direct our donation to a charity of YOUR CHOICE, as well as help you find or decide on an ideal cause or group. 

We work with homeowners and investors to refresh old homes and apartment buildings for nice new families to move into. Do you have a house, rental property, vacant land, or other real estate no longer in use or needing to be sold quickly regardless of condition?  Shark Fin buys, fixes, and sells houses all over the SF/SJ Bay Area.  Aside from this normal real estate investment activity, we use a portion of proceeds to hopefully make our world better!

We have started an Adopt a Lyme Patient program.  World’s first as far as we can tell! Two patients adopted so far. (Details TBA.)

Shark Fin donates 5% of net proceeds each year to these public service groups, nonprofits, and charities:

Shark Fin Charities

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