After clicking “calculate,” click on the small round button above to see a colorful chart of your mortgage payments buzzsawing through your interest and principal balances all the way to zero in 30 years…

Speed up your mortgage payoff with any of these six tactics:

  1. “House hack” – buy a slightly larger house and rent out extra rooms/spaces to roommates, AirBNB travelers, corporate workers, traveling nurses, and elderly! 
  2. Buy a fixer-upper for your first house with private money, fix it up, then refinance it after you have renters living under the same roof with you. (Especially: duplex, triplex, fourplex, etc. Or even a single family home with more beds/baths.)
  3. Drive for Uber 5,473 hours per day.  
  4. Program a viral mobile phone app with in-app purchases.
  5. Buy a cheaper house in a cheaper location in the world.
  6. Grow gold on trees.

We like option six, but it’s a little tacky, so the first two options sound good to us. Provide proper, clean, welcoming shelter for people, reduce housing pressure, and earn extra money for doing so.  Just don’t make Hong Kong style cage dwellings and we’ll all be fine.