Natural CoronaVirus Remedies (Anti-Malarial Drugs) & CoronaVirus Real Estate Impacts

by Kenneth Ott

“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” <–Standard disclaimer required by an often bumbling government agency captured by Big Pharma through lobbying.

The anti-malarial treatments described below by credible news agencies in China, India, and the US appear to be effective in clinical trials in China and India – and soon to be happening in Ohio and elsewhere. You won’t hear about it on the US national news or from our President though. We did hear about Trump meeting with 8 big pharma companies early on when CoronaVirus was still “just a flu” with “only 15 cases.” Chloroquine phosphate costs only 14 CENTS per tablet, unlike expensive Corona Virus vaccines coming to a doctor’s office near you in the next 6-24 months.

In Europe, private companies are redirecting manufacturing to produce more masks and ventilators instead of their usual products. In the US we aren’t quite there yet, but Etsy shops & the military-industrial-automobile-textile-beauty-pharmaceutical complex certainly could manage to produce more masks, soap/hand sanitizer, PPE suits, and ventilators. There’s also a Google startup offering COVID-19 testing. I never hear about natural coronavirus remedies on the news though.

That’s why I wrote this post – because western medicine failed to diagnose me properly for a full month in January 2020 until the last day of January, when thankfully I learned I had a bad bout of hyperthyroidism (not treatable with anti-virals obviously). If western government health agencies have failed you – it is imperative to become your own health advocate, as with the Lyme disease patients we are supporting financially and otherwise.

What can YOU do for yourself, family, friends, neighbors, and your city, since US government agencies failed to stop this coronavirus epidemic from exploding early on when they could have? (Given the head start that China’s situation provided all of us.) I discuss health options here first (natural coronavirus remedies) then real estate options in light of a post-coronavirus world second. It may seem as if we’re on our own.

At Shark Fin, we believe in People over Profits. Therefore, the first part of this blog post covers CoronaVirus Solutions to help you become healthy in case you or people you care about become seriously infected with COVID-19 / SARS-COV-2. My suggestions are ONLY / PRIMARILY meant for a scenario where hospitals are overloaded and turn you away — meaning you have NO access to medical care. Extremely unlikely, but possible. I’m not a doctor and “check with your doctor if you can reach and pay him/her,” but these Hail Mary suggestions look great to me.

Why do I feel so positive about the possibility of healing people suffering from CoronaVirus using anti-malarial drugs? Because they’ve been tested successfully against COVID-19 in China — using drugs which are already FDA approved, have been around forever, and are SUPER CHEAP. No outsized profits for vaccine and big brand drug makers here, sorry! And that’s why you probably won’t see this on national news.

Natural Anti-Viral and Anti-CoronaVirus (Anti-COVID-19) Remedies:

The vitamins/minerals below are general purpose immune system boosters. The COVID-19 specific items include: melatonin (with vitamin C), chloroquine, and artemisinin.

  • vitamin A – boosts immunity
  • vitamin B – boosts immunity
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – boosts immunity
  • vitamin D – boosts immunity
  • vitamin E – boosts immunity
  • zinc, selenium, iron – boosts immunity
  • melatonin (w/ vitamin C) – “Melatonin can eliminate free radicals and this function can be intensified by vitamin C. These can have synergic antioxidant effects.” – NIH study another NIH study here
  • chloroquine <—- anti-malarial, cheap, FDA approved, proven effective against COVID-19 in China (links below)
  • artemisinin <—- anti-malarial too, cheap, grow it yourself (Artemisia annua)
  • FOOD/BEV: so many foods contain the essential immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals listed above. Search online for “natural anti-viral remedies” – ie raw ginger and garlic, greens, fruits, sharply reducing sugars/fats
  • SOCIAL: life stress reduction (not going to work for 3 weeks), masks, social distancing (2-3 weeks or more), hand washing with SOAP, overall cleanliness of your home/car/work environments, staying hydrated — drink water at hourly (washes virus down into stomach acid to “die” instead of falling into your lungs); cutting excessive alcohol, sugar & fried food consumption; continuing your EXERCISE ROUTINE: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Great news: ALL the items above are SUPER CHEAP. They’re available at and… and we can send a carrier pigeon with this note to Trump/CDC/USAMRIID. If you have trouble obtaining anti-malaria drugs for whatever purpose, contact me.

Chloroquine phosphate off-label usage:

News is breaking all over the world that chloroquine, a prescription medication used to treat malaria, also appears to be effective against the coronavirus. According to local news, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation is advocating testing of the drug against COVID-19, the disease caused by the Wuhan coronavirus. From the website:

James explained that repurposing existing medications is often the fastest path to treating those infected by the virus in a novel way.

“That would be really exciting, because it’s a drug that already has FDA approval, and it is readily available,” she said.  “If it works, it might treat COVID-19 almost instantly.”

Wider studies are now underway to confirm the results.

Chloroquine is best known as a malaria treatment, and it seems very likely to be helpful in preventing coronavirus infections. But what about natural molecules from herbs that might offer the same promise against both malaria and coronavirus?

How do people take chloroquine phosphate?

To prevent malaria, take chloroquine once weekly on the same day each week, or as directed by your doctor. Start this medication usually 1 to 2 weeks before you enter the malarious area, continue to take it weekly while in the area, and weekly for 4 to 8 weeks after leaving the area, or as directed by your doctor. <Ken’s note: obviously, your instructions could be different with COVID-19; ask your MD/PA/NP about off label use.>

Where to buy online: 

Artemisia annua:

Dried Whole Plant Artemisia annua as an Antimalarial Therapy


“Drugs are primary weapons for reducing malaria in human populations. However emergence of resistant parasites has repeatedly curtailed the lifespan of each drug that is developed and deployed. Currently the most effective anti-malarial is artemisinin, which is extracted from the leaves of Artemisia annua. Due to poor pharmacokinetic properties and prudent efforts to curtail resistance to monotherapies, artemisinin is prescribed only in combination with other anti-malarials composing an Artemisinin Combination Therapy (ACT). Low yield in the plant, and the added cost of secondary anti-malarials in the ACT, make artemisinin costly for the developing world. As an alternative, we compared the efficacy of oral delivery of the dried leaves of whole plant (WP) A. annua to a comparable dose of pure artemisinin in a rodent malaria model (Plasmodium chabaudi). We found that a single dose of WP (containing 24 mg/kg artemisinin) reduces parasitemia more effectively than a comparable dose of purified drug. This increased efficacy may result from a documented 40-fold increase in the bioavailability of artemisinin in the blood of mice fed the whole plant, in comparison to those administered synthetic drug. Synergistic benefits may derive from the presence of other anti-malarial compounds in A. annua. If shown to be clinically efficacious, well-tolerated, and compatible with the public health imperative of forestalling evolution of drug resistance, inexpensive, locally grown and processed A. annua might prove to be an effective addition to the global effort to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality.”

General Disaster Preparedness

Being self-reliant is good. Put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. “Be Prepared” may be a Boy Scout motto but you don’t need to be one to live this motto.

  • If you weren’t a “prepper” before, become one now (have enough food on hand to last at home for 2-3 months, even though in the Bay Area we are still free to visit grocery stores as of 3/18/2020)
  • Wear a mask – 50-75% of people don’t show symptoms so you won’t know you’re infecting OTHER people, and vice versa. CoronaVirus is aerosolized (transmitted by air) as well as passed on via physical materials and surfaces.
  • Wash your hands with soap – think of the virus as nano-grease. Soap and water are far more effective than hand sanitizer
  • Clean commonly used surfaces more frequently (phones, keyboards, mice, door handles, kitchen drawer pulls, faucet handles, bath and kitchen counters) using hydrogen peroxide (oxidizes bacteria and viruses), alcohol (70%+), vinegar, or bleach
  • Stay Home or out in nature away from others to avoid “community spreading” of the virus
  • Stock up on not only food/hygiene products, but also on vitamins, minerals, and anti-viral remedies above.
  • Maintain your health in all ways: physical (sleep, nutrition, exercise), mental, emotional, spiritual.
  • Security: Make sure you, family, and neighborhood are physically secure in case police disappear or “things get worse”
  • If you’re bored:
    • Read books: 4 Hour Work Week, You Can Heal Your Life, Awaken the Giant Within, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor – any other good ones?
    • Listen to podcasts: Bigger Pockets, Everything REI, etc
    • Live life: Garden/cook/draw/journal/yoga/weights/jog/walk/call friends (not just text)/ write letters/ go hiking
    • News updates: watch whatever you want, but I like to check Peak Prosperity, Natural News, and Zero Hedge for realtime and actionable information. Most people are ignoring government agency websites since they’ve been so behind the curve from Day 0.

Generally speaking, we can all see now that redundancy is good. Have more than one global supplier of masks, PPE, drugs, food, etc. This contrasts with globalization’s just-in-time model. Governments and corporations favor concentration of power and scale. Locals and mom and pop shops prefer decentralization because it is more human. Balance is important!

How Will Corona Virus Affect SF Bay Area Real Estate?

As you already start to see, government response to CV2 globally is like early days WW2 or WW3. The current worldwide medical “911” could even be a part of or a precursor to WW3 as world power shifts from Pax Americana to China, Russia, and other countries. But seriously, it is nice to see that President Trump finally woke up and the US government is finally treating CoronaVirus as a wartime enemy… through unprecedented (for most people alive today) financial and social engineering efforts. Casual medical martial law in California. National Guard troops operational in New York and Georgia. Larger than 2008 bank bailouts, 5 Trillion last weekend. “Federal” “Reserve” interest rate at basically 0%. Billions and trillions more funny money. Oil prices below $30 per 42-gallon barrel. It all feels like a clip from the 2011 movie “Collapse.”

This is definitely a time of chaos which benefits all “haves” who have planned ahead – from the individual level to government agencies. The new recession is a time to be cautious with real estate and stock market investments and purchases. The “fog of war” will lift somewhat during 2020, but our Fourth Turning crisis won’t end until 2025. The US and world will seem very different then.

Crises create opportunities. If you’ve wanted to buy a house, we believe you should wait 3-6 months for prices to drop as the recession grows, layoffs occur, and people sell homes for less. If you’ve wanted to SELL your house, you can try to sell now before prices drop further – or wait out this recession for housing to go up again in 5-10 years.

You can also recession proof yourself and your mortgage by “house hacking” — leasing (or subleasing) rooms in your house to renters, or adding an additional dwelling unit (ADU) to your property for the same purpose.

Since January 1, 2020, California mandates that ALL cities must approve appropriately designed ADUs within 60 days, or they are approved automatically. Based on the laws passed, this means that every single family home in California is now automatically eligible to become a triplex, if the lot it’s on is large enough to accommodate an addition (junior ADU), garage conversion (if you have a garage; GDU), and a traditional detached backyard “granny” or “in-law” unit, aka ADU.

For ADUs of all types, minimum setback requirements on the front and sides of your house still apply. Rear setbacks do not apply anymore. Adding bedrooms and bathrooms to your house is a good investment to consider since you’ll earn back your investment in months or 2-3 years depending on ADU type and size. House hacking is the cheapest “ADU” because at the least you can rent out a room; at most you can add bathrooms and maybe efficiency kitchens.

These are my recommendations for protecting your personal health and wealth during the time of CoronaVirus / COVID-19 in the US and the SF Bay Area. My suggestions are subject to change. Check my health suggestions with your doctor if you have one. Bless all of us and the new world coming.

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